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Monday, May 6, 2013

Just Say YES!!! to Brett!!!

Today's Monday.

It's sunny and breezy warm.  A great day to be in the garden.

We - and I say that somewhat lightly as I am the one doing all the manual labour - plan to grow sunflowers, and I have also been transplanting lupines along the fence.  The fence is 78 feet long and it has full sun light all day.  I look forward to the transformation!!!  I look forward to the results of my hard work.

When I started this project late last week.  I worked on the part you see in the picture. I got about 10 feet done. 

In the end I stopped because I couldn't hold back the tears as I thought about all the children who are in orphanages and mental institutions because of special needs or because they were not wanted by their parents.

I cried so much I had to leave the gardening for another day.  I did  go back to it on another day, and again as I turned and twisted the earth to get the weeds and the grass out, I thought about the children. 

The hundreds of thousands, the millions - I can barely imagine that number.  It astounds me.  It frightens me - who are left abandoned in these institutions mostly because of some disability; namely because of Down Syndrome.

I want to tell you about a young man.  He's 11 years old and he was abandoned by his mom on the very day he was born on 23 August 2001.  He was left in a field to die.  He laid there for hours before he was found by someone who rescued him.  By that time, he was covered in bug bites, hypothermic , unresponsive, and in shock. He had a very tough start to life and he survived.

At the age of three, however, he was placed in an adult mental institution.  Think about it.  From a baby orphanage to an adult mental institution at the age of three!!!

He lives there every day, 24 hours a day seven days a week 52 weeks a year because he has no one who has stepped up to say, "I'll take him and make him my son."

The child needs a family.  He needs a mom and a dad, sisters and brothers who love him and the whole gamete of aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents who will show him what it is to BE LOVED.  Then, I know he will love you back in return.  So unconditionally.  So purely.  So freely.

He wants and needs a family.

Here he is.  His profile name is Brett.  He is from eastern Europe and lives in difficult circumstances where he receives no formal education, no mama's hugs and kisses, no father's warmth or concern with just barely enough to eat and where he owns absolutely nothing.

This is a recent picture of Brett. He also has alopecia, which is why he lost his hair. But it is treatable.  My own child has it.  It is more common in people with Down Syndrome than with others.  Stress sometimes brings it on. I look forward to when his hair grows back.

This a picture of Brett when he was younger. 

He is ready for the experience of a lifetime.  He is ready for a real family who will show him what it means to be part of something wonderful, something beautiful, something brighter than what he has now.

He looks for you to come for him.

Know that you will not be alone in the costs associated with getting him home.  People will encourage you by helping you with your fundraising.  People will be praying for you and for him.  People will be silently cheering you on as you take this step of faith to become his parent(s), his family.  People will shout from the skies when you say YES! to Brett.

Give him careful, heartfelt consideration.  He's worth every ounce of energy and cost you will incur.  You will have something extraordinary in your life for the rest of your life when you say Yes to Brett. 

You want to know God, get to know Brett.  Then you will be able to say that you've met God.  For he is made in the beautiful, perfect image of God.  He waits for you.  Go get him.  You will never regret the decision.

Just say YES to Brett!!!

Here's another blog about Brett.  A lot of people care about him and think about him, maybe even when they do their gardening, too.


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